Union Life Insurance Public Company Limited is the only ONE insurer where is belonged to Thai Cooperative movement and held by cooperatives in all 7 types as followings;

  1. Agricultural Cooperative
  2. Fisheries Cooperative
  3. Land Settlement Cooperative
  4. Consumer Cooperative
  5. Services Cooperative
  6. Saving and Credit Cooperative
  7. Credit Union

Inception Leaders

  1. Mr. Uaypol Kanokwijit
    Director General, Cooperative Promotion Department
  2. Mr. Anan Chamnankit
    Director General, Cooperative Auditing Department
  3. Pol. Lt. Gen. Chalerm Rojanapradit
    President, The Cooperative League of Thailand
  4. Mr. Kasem Mairieng
    Representative, Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperative
  5. Mr. Jankaew Muangjai
    Representative, Consumer Cooperative Federation of Thailand Limited
  6. Assoc. Prof. Sawat Saengbangpla
    Representative, Federation of Saving and Credit Cooperative of Thailand Limited
  7. Mr. Sin Keeratayakom
    Representative, Agricultural Cooperative Federation of Thailand Limited
  8. Mrs. Wannee Rattanawaraha
    Director of Technical Support Division, Cooperative Promotion Department


Under the strongly need to have the central financial institution of cooperative movement The main functions were promoting all types of cooperative operate the insurance business together based on self help and mutual help, protecting cooperatives and members from any crisis fairly with suitable premium, and encouraging people to save regularly and constantly for their soundness, and being the financial resource of cooperative movement.

The early stage of establishment began from Technical Support Division, Cooperative Promotion Department and went forward.

1975 (BE. 2518)
The Cooperative Promotion Department (CPD) and Cooperative League of Thailand (CLT) by corporation of Volunteer Development Corp. (VDC) studied feasibility to propose establishment idea on mutual insurer.

1982 (BE. 2525)
The Cooperative Promotion Department (CPD) and Cooperative League of Thailand (CLT) with the great assistance of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), Germany studied the feasibility to establish cooperative insurer. Cooperative leaders across country and related organizations conducted meeting which was supported by Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Ministry of Commerce, and Insurance Department.

1986 (BE. 2529)
The Cooperative Promotion Department (CPD) disseminated concept, incepted, and convinced cooperatives across country to mobilize and establish cooperative insurer according to the regulation of Ministry of Commerce. By the way, Director of CPD (as registrar) approved which was in conclusion "holding the share of cooperative insurer can be considered that already getting approval from Registrar under the title 21 (8) of Cooperative Act BE. 2511 (1968) which the cooperative does not need to ask for approval again.

1993 (BE. 2536)
On 27 July Ministry of Commerce by honorable UThai Pimjaichon, Minister approved the proposal on cooperative insurer establishment with the 6 conditions according to the Ministry of Commerce's letter.

On 12 October the Council of Ministers approved to establish cooperative insurance company where should strictly follow the 6 conditions.

1994 (BE. 2537)
To submit the company registration form on 28 February.

On 24 October, company got registration approval as Life Insurance business by Department of Trade Registration, Ministry of Commerce.

1995 (BE. 2538)
On 17 March, company has been operated life insurance business as the 13th insurance company in Thailand. The first office was located at No. 13 Boonjirathorn building, the Cooperative League of Thailand, Pichai road, Nakhonchaisri, Dusit, Bangkok.

The first coverage was taken for Roi-Ed Teachers Saving and Credit Cooperative Limited on 1 April.
2011 (BE. 2554)
On August 5th, 2014. The company had been turned into public company.